About MediaSeven

Media Seven is a new type of learning facility for comprehensive studies and exploration, which works together with people from various fields, such as culture, history, industry and art in the local community.
We hope to create a cultural space by collecting, maintaining, storing and providing knowledge and experience gained from information and activities at classes and lectures held here, and by designing a venue where citizens (users) can share their knowledge and experience.
This facility is also a networking venue for people involved in other related facilities to connect with each other, sharing information related to materials and activities. It allows citizens, staff and lecturers to share their thoughts and exchange opinions.

We very much take into consideration that "Cooperation" - people connecting with other people and working together - is the key for anything to be accomplished. We believe this center can be valued for the studies, activities and resolved issues originating from the quality of mutual ties among people using the facility.
This center will never be fully completed. As a community center for cultural activities, it will always be reviewing its services and developing by continually striving to design an ideal venue that links people together. It will always maintain the system, while considering the progress of social changes, and the development of visual and information processing equipment.